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into the name pete seeger. right away you run into woody guthrie. we--i asked david to research it, and david came back with, there is no other work written on this subject, and that was irresistible to us. you know, we feel very strongly about it. we knew we had an advantage if we went to speak to the people who do it, you know? i don't have to walk in cold. i'm not, you know--it's like, "how did you boys meet?" i know, you know, who i'm talking to, and generally, we're at least acquaintances if not close friends, and we're talking about events that we did together or that we've done, you know, separately, but the same event, you know, at different times. and it gave us a window into these people that other people didn't have. we asked them, "what really matters to you? "what are you willing to put yourself on the line for? "what are you willing to put your rep and your honor "on the line for?" (bender) "and why?" (crosby) "and why?" (bender) you should see their eyes light up when you ask that question. it draws something out of them equivalent to the music. it's the passion. it comes from
. the note i'm getting here, john says pete raus will be named as the successor. >> pete has been with president obama for a few years now. right now serves as senior adviser to the president. prior to that, he was the essentially the first staffer hired by then senator barack obama when he came to washington serving as the junior senator from illinois. served in that position until the president ran for higher office. and prior to that, pete rouse was the chief of staff to then majority leader tom daschle. he was often referred to as the 101st senator, reason being because of his intimate knowledge of congress and personal relationships he developed with the other senators on the hill of both parties. the white house believes this is a really good fit, not only because of the president's comfort level with pete rouse but also because of his intimate knowledge of congress. >> rahm got the reputation as being the bulldog there of the west wing, being able to strong arm legislators in supporting the president's agenda. >> and he was very successful at that. after all it was rahm wit
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in the sky. as pete explains it's also for a great caus >> reporter: here at the hartford economy horse center folks are putting on the final touches for a fundraiser that would benefit the victims of domestic violence. >> it's really important because there is many unfortunate victims that need our services that are sexually assaulted and abused we are here to meet their needs through counseling and give them hope so they can start over and create a better life for themselvesful. >> reporter: why do people feline need to support it? >> trying to make a poor situation into a little -- and recoverable situation that the victims whether they are male or female now they have avenue those can turn to in comfort and a peace of mind they can and will get the support they need. >> reporter: as the sun went down in the candles were little real stars of this event arrived. ♪ [ music ] >> no! . >> wow like to ride in my beautiful balloon? >> no! . >> reporter: what can i say in that's right. pete was scared to take a balloon ride but if you have five dollars come out and take a balloon rid
the difference it will be back in the mid 80's. >> thank you, sandra. pete was saying the ozark -- the o's did something for the second time? >> it is a good thing. the birds bid for a >> 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> a major culture in the orioles, learning how to rise to the occasion. before this series in tampa, they had 13 chances. today against the team with the second-best record in baseball, the birds get it done. in the bottom of the third, corey patterson. he just missed a two-run shot. he gets it right here. in the top of the fourth, a line drive. i missed him for four months. roberts cannot help to miss this one. upton. a two-run shot. the tampa bay devil rays in the front 5-4. the other way. crawford cannot quite find it. izturiz is lying around a third. they all go the orioles way. birds of 6-5. longoria swings. the birds when the game 8-7 and win the series two-one. the former quarterback will join the ravens practice squad. the ravens waved him to add another corner. they brought back some of the players cut for the practice squad. as for the ravens top picks, he says he will
league. good evening. the ravens suffered their first loss of the season. pete gilbert will have a little bit more coming up on a day when some say they look like they had just a rookie quarterback. >> with the ravens loss and an orioles win, baltimore sports fans have mixed emotions. but it was good news for some down-home baltimore merchants. you can thank the new york yankees. the resurgent orioles have meant an uptick in crowds downtown. it is bringing a boost to baltimore's economy. add in a raven the way game, and you have some very happy businesses. >> in the past few days have been the busiest we have had all season. we rang and over $10,000 in sales as of yesterday. >> i really appreciate the yankee fans coming down. they're helping out the city, absolutely. i think we had almost a sellout crowd last night and the night before. what i do not appreciate is the actual fans themselves. >> speaking of those fans, you're looking at yankee fans coming out of the orioles game. they seem a bit lost, maybe. but they provide a lot of good business for downtown baltimore. guess who's playin
pd. i'm not sure as far as what they do on this side by hercules pete was aware of it certain connection may have had. >> so at this point in time one of the things we did want to officially release today is the name of the female in the vehicle and that is indeed trained. she is the girlfriend of the suspect and he as you know shot and killed last night. cindy is see light and the why pete entranced t r a n. i'm sore one question at a time. she is 36 years old. she is bill then the and land border at the house where the homicide occurred. she is connected to this aspect of the up romantic relationship and she was the landlord as well as the third individual who rented rooms or. we do know at this point in time that she did not, she was killed two the prior at the end but we're not sure of the details surrounding her death. time will give us that one. she was not reported as a missing person and we did receive a report from a family member that she was kidnapped in the vehicle, the black acura was associated with her which is how officers were able to identify hurt and the sus
's low and no way to show kids how to solve costly and settle disputes. >> this is from pete green who writes being with our name sounds so similar i pick up when they mention pete's name wondering what i did now. at least now i won't be blamed for his mess-ups. >> pete, you won't. it's great to have you. give you more of a tribute coming up here on "morning joe" but we want to wish you the very best of luck as you head out to get that ph.d. in sweetish massage therapy. strike it not too hard but not too gentle. pete, talk to you a little bit. "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ riding the storm out riding the storm out ♪ >> welcome to "morning joe." we're covering hurricane earl up and down the east coast. you can see devil hills, north carolina, that is where the storm is right now. cape tatteras as well and it's moving up to the north to virginia, merchandise, and all the way up into the northeast later today. welcome to willie -- can i call it morning willie at this point? >> yeah. you've been here so long. >> joe and mika have one more day off. heading into the weekend, luckily,
square last may actually succeeded at it. we get more on that now from our justice correspondent pete williams in washington. pete, a law enforcement source called me today so that we imfa size had he known what he was doing, perhaps this would have been the result. >> reporter: absolutely. they showed what kind of damage the bomb in his car might have caused if it had gone off as he intended. this video, made by the fbi, shows agents detonating a bomb that the government says was identical to the components that were assembled in the car parked in times square. prosecutors say he told the fbi he wanted to kill at least 40 people. investigators say it's impossible to predict what the effects might have been, though it would have been devastating to the surrounding area. he also told the fbi he wanted to set off a second bomb two weeks later. his car bomb was built in three parts and all three failed to go off after he lit the fuse and walked away. he pleaded guilty in june and will be sentenced next week. >> pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, thanks. >>> perhaps the tough
groups that pose no danger to public safety. our justice correspondent pete williams is in philadelphia tonight. pete, good evening. >> reporter: brian, this has turned out to be a big embarrassment for pennsylvania, and some of those groups targeted for intelligence gathering by the state are already talking about suing. keep an eye out warns a pennsylvaniatate intelligence bulletin, for the screening of a movie critical of natural gas drilling. >> the nrological effects are very insidious. >> reporter: the showing of the movie "gas land" was among events on a list called dates of interest in an official intelligence bulletin from the pennsylvania office of homeland security sent to local law enforcement statewide. but the discovery that the state was keeping tabs on a long list of peaceful groups stunned pennsyania's governor, who ordered an immediate stop to it. >> the fact that they disseminated this to stake holders, local law enforcement on what were legitimate protests, citizens exercising their rights under the constitution, it's especially embarrassingecause this is pennsylvani
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of this man. pete, what are you hearing? >> we should caution that police in charge of this effort here, montgomery county, maryland, police. this is about a mile over the district line. the district columbia is actually carved out of what was once the state of maryland. so just across the line is the state. and they're the ones in charge of this, but they confirm that they have not given his name, but other law enforcement agencies believe it's james jay lee, age 43, who lives in silver spring, maryland, and who has something of an obsession with the discovery channel, and said that in february of 2008 he was going to begin daily protests outside the discovery channel building in silver spring. he felt the emphasis of their programming was on the wrong subjects. he felt they should pay more attention to the extinction of animal species and global warming. he did, in fact, start protests in february of 2008 to try to draw a bigger crowd, he threw some money into the air, and that caused quite a motion. -- commotion. he was arrest. pleaded guilty in march of 2008 and was fined $500 and g
morning. another spell of rain thursday. >> pete gilbert over at m&t bank stadium. he had eight receptions. he had eight receptions. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses, techs, pharmacists are all digitally connected to each other. and ultimately connected to you. at kaiser permanente, we believe that if knowledge is power, shared knowledge is even more powerful. kaiser permanente. thrive. >> now, 11 sports with pete gilbert. >> we're here at the m&t bank stadium. it is their only home games here in september. >> it was really frustrating start a week ago. joe flacco came back and gave a great effort. 4 picks to 3 touchdowns. it wasn't perfect, but a lot better than last week. >> three touchdowns. flacco. we will take that any sunday, every sunday. the first touchdown was almost a disaster. t.j. ward should have stepped in front of the ball. disaster averted. he finds anquan boldin 48-yard touchdown, his 600th career reception. the ribbons were off and running. second quarter,
's home opener, plus pete gilbert has a preview of what the team bases when they take on the grounds. you can watch the newer jets and the miami dolphins tomorrow night during sunday night football. it is followed by 11 news and then gerry sandusky along with pete gilbert and ravens coverage in the ravens wrap up. in tonight's commitment 2010 report, governor martin o'malley has gained the support of the largest aid workers government. the state lodge of the fraternal order of police gave its endorsement to republican bob ehrlich. here is a look at the latest television ad from the bomb early campaign. the ad slams the b g e rates, a major issue during the 2006 election, an issue that ehrlich claims o'malley promised to fix. that shows a clip of o'malley talking about a better economy, but the employment rate at -- an employment rate has increased. in baltimore city, the search continues tonight for the gunman who shot a man on the city's northwest side. police a shot refer shortly before 5:00 this morning in the 3500 block of hebert ave. we are told a 32-year-old man was shot multiple ti
of it most times against pete sampras. tavis: when you do this kind of stuff, are you going with everything you have? >> i go out there with the intention of really not, but then there is pete and he does not leave you much choice. you try to do everything you can to make a competitive, without taking it too seriously, because the truth is we used to be good, and now we are out there. when you get out there, it is amazing how you could take all the good you ever felt for the sport and leave away all the bad. there used to be so much pressure. now it is completely easy. if i miss it, it does not bother me. if i make it, i kind of smile. tavis: you have lived and are living a wonderful life. it is a blessing and a thing of beauty to see you at this point in your life, as happy as you can be, doing the kind of work that is a blessing to other people. >> you are such a pleasure. tavis: andre agassi's book is out in paperback, called "open." it is again on the best-seller list after being in hard cover. you will not be disappointed when you read "open" by agassi. catch me on the weekend on publi
than four hours later, lee was shot and killed. during that time, that whole area was on edge. pete o'neill has more. >> reporter: it's the place where television shows are produced every day, but today, this was no television show, it was for real. >> move as far away from the building as you can. [sirens] >> it started about 1:00 p.m. today. >> he came in with explosive devices strapped to his person. we believe that he also came in with um, two boxes and two backpacks um, that we suspect may have uh, explosive devices in them. >> reporter: as folks watched the scene unfold, there was a sense of extreme nervousness. >> i was texting back and forth. they said he had explosives and stuff. thinking of 9/11 and what happened and the people within eight breaks of 9/11. i was a little nervous. i knew god was going to take us through this. >> reporter: the child care center inside the building was cleared. some people had to walk long distances because a lot of the streets were blocked off. for others, they could even get to their homes. >> he used to be an employee, he was irate with them
a series of odd coincidences. our report from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: amateur video shows police arresting two men in amsterdam, arriving from chicago. dutch security officials stung by missing the would-be christmas day bomber when he passed through amsterdam were taking no chances this time. >> the men are held on suspicion of a criminal terrorist attack. >> reporter: u.s. officials say it all began sunday at the birmingham, alabama, airport with a legal permanent resident, al soofi on his way to visit relatives in yemen. in the checked bags, screeners found cell phones and watches taped together and a phone taped to a bottle of pepto-bismol. it looked suspicious, but no explosives were found and he was cleared for travel. he booked flights from birmingham to chicago then to washington-dulles and on to amsterdam. but when he got to chicago, investigators say, he missed the dulles flight, so the airline put him on a direct flight to amsterdam while his suitcase flew on to dulles. it was intercepted when security officials realized al soofi was no longer flying
>> hi, my name is pete shoemaker and well toll energy center. i'm standing in front of a model of a home. this is one of the tools we use here to assess solar energy. five years ago i was in a position similar to that of many of you. i was a homeowner thinking about solar electricity for my home. i had to answer a bunch of questions. one, does this stuff work? would it work on my home and most importantly, can i afford it? well, i did the research. i bought a system. now i get to share that knowledge and that experience with you. for the next 30 minutes, we'll have a class in solar basics and we'll go out in the field and see an actual solar system being installed. 30 minutes, solar basics, stay with me. >> let's talk about the technology, what is it and how does it work? there are three types of solar actually when you sauk about solar. i want to avoid the confusion to make sure we're focusing on the right one. two of them involve heating water and they're very viable technologies, can be very coast effective but we're not going to deal with them right now. one is solar pool h
, pete rouse. outsiders mentioned, former senate majority lead are tom daschle, one time clinton chief of staff, poedesta and leon panetta. whether he'll go or stay mara. >> seems like he's going to go. he's been totally open for wanting to do this for a long, long time. he never thought the opportunity would come up so soon. of course he's going through this with his family they did just move here after all. we don't know for sure. but as far as what happens, pete rouse would be the interim chief of staff and the president doesn't have to decide right now who to release, could wait until january. >> reaction to the mid terms. >> a lot of times when the presidents get a drubbing in the mid terms they bring in somebody else, new blood. they want to send a message that they got it. that things will be different. i mean, ronald reagan brought in howard baker, bill clinton brought in leon panetta and these things happen. >> bret: looking at the polls now and the mid term we don't know the full extent of it and looking at the insiders. how do you see that message being sent? >> well i think
's news conference got pete dominic thinking. if you had a chance to ask the president of the united states a question, what would it be? we sent him on to the street to find out. if you're a sports fan, you might recognize one of the people pete found. watch this. >> reporter: what would you ask the president? >> can he make me richer? >> reporter: can he make you wisher? you lazy -- i'll answer, no, work hard. what kind of phone is that? >> i'm tired of working. >> reporter: tired of working? you're 12. get to work ♪ how can we create peace in the middle east ♪ >> mr. president, are you going to any fashion shows this week? >> i'd say, what is he wearing? >> reporter: good question. ♪ when are we going to see clean renewable technology ♪ >> reporter: legendary star chris mullen walking around like he's not one of the greatest players of all time. he's looking through his home. is jabar in there? >> it's about flexibility, see the floor, hit the open man, rely on your teammates. i'd ask if he has a good left hand. he's a lefty, right? >> reporter: he is a lefty. >> go right.
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years. we get more now from pete williams who joins us live now from washington, d.c. just how big of a problem is prescription drug abuse right now? >> the dea says it's the fastest growing problem in terms of drug abuse that, for example, look at one categoryoxycotin. they say deaths from overdose, the majority of deaths from overdose are now caused by prescription drugs and that prescriptions rank second only to marijuana in terms of drugs that are abused to get high. in the past, they used to say flush those drugs down the drain or throw them in the garbage, now they say flushing them into the water supply contaminates the water and putting them in the garbage means people can get them. let me show you here, if you come back here, i'll show you where you can find out where you can take these drugs to be destroyed. go to the dea website, dea.gov and as you get on there, you'll see this thing that says, get drugs, click on this. it takes you to a little gizmo where you can take your drugs. take those unused, outdated, unnecessary drugs out of your medicine cabinet and give them t
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pete williams joins us. "a," give us perspective on why this is significant and is it really all about politics as usual? >> why it's significant, it does slow down the work of the federal courts when there are this many vacancies. about half of them are what the judicial branch considers to be judicial emergencies because they're lasting so long. for example, chief justice john roberts left the court of appeals here in washington five years ago and his position has yet to be filled. five of the vacancies on this list date to 2007. so, is it politics as usual? well, probably so. sometimes the democrats slow roll republicans on their nomination, so turn asbout fair play. that's part of the factor. the other factor, president obama has not acted as fast as some of his predecessors to nominate justices and judges to the courts. the work has been fast on the supreme court, but not so much on the courts of appeals and the district courts. the pace of nominations and confirmations is now the slowest it's been since the nixon administration. it was faster in both the clinton and carter admini
. >> that's all on his own website. and there are no indications as we've heard from police and pete williams from nbc of any threats or any violent tendencies. it was a disorderly conduct charge he was convicted on two years ago, organizing protests in front of discovery on those very issues that you talked about. we want to go back to captain paul starks from a bit earlier and hear a bit of what he had to say this afternoon. >> my understanding montgomery county police officers are talking with him and that's been continuing for well over an hour, closing on two hours now. >> how many hostages do we have? >> chief manger said 45 minutes ago, a small number. that has not changed. there is still no confirmed injuries. no reports of any injuries that have been brought to my attention. there are a couple different categories here as far as this information. some parts of this information, we just don't know. some parts we don't want to release because it may affect how we're treating this situation. >> we want to show you, these are live pictures from our chopper 4 aerials. we have a p
and expired prescriptions. nbc's pete williams is live in washington, d.c. pete, it is stunning how many young people especially are abusing prescription drugs they're finding in the parents' medicine cabinet or a neighbor or friend's. >> now ranked second only to marijuana in terms of drugged used to get high. it says the majority of overdose deaths involve prescription drugs. so what the dea says, don't just flush your drugs down the drain, because that pollutes the water supply. don't just throw them away because they can be recovered from the garbage. go to the dea website. dea.gov, click on the website. it gives you this form you can use to fill out. put your zip code. it will show you where one of 4,000 sites is across the country that you can use to take your old drugs. now, you may think, well, who is going to take the trouble to do this? consider this, tamron. last year they tried this experiment in new jersey. in one day they got 9,000 pounds of prescription drugs. that's 3.5 million pills. so they're quite optimistic people will use this opportunity to get rid of their old, outdated
probably want roland kaczmarek to defend you. >> you need the defenders. >> nick marely and pete kaczmarek probably know the town better than anyone. >> objection. >> objection! >> are you starting to like me? >> not really. >> reporter: pete is the one who likes his women as fast as his cars. while nick is a hard-charging, take-no-prisoners guy. >> trajectory. >> told you all of that. >> who will do anything for his client. no case is too over-the-top for these two. and no judge can escape their wrath either. >> quit wasting my time and just give the jury the new instructions like i already told you. >> one more word and you're fined. >> fine me. it's not going to make me a better judge. >> but the big job here is las vegas itself. >> it's vegas. white shirts and great ties. and convertibles. >> we get to wear these tight- fitted suits. the '60s cars. the pinky rings. the flash, the sunglasses. you know. you just feel cool. all the sets are cool. >> whatever the odds, nick and pete are out to prove that when the stakes are high, they're willing to bet the house for the clients they serve.
. the case of accused christmas day bomber, abdulmutallab. pete williams is all over that one. tell us what happened at the hearing today. somewhat surprising for some. >> it was. he's basically borrowing a page from the terrorismth trial of t man originally accused of being the 21st hijacker. in fact, what happened is abdulmutallab today told a federal judge, you're looking at still picture of what the fbi says we found on him, the explosive device concealed in his under. but today abdulmutallab says he's groan disenchanted with his defense lawyers now and he wants to represent himself. and after asking all the usual questions the judges ask when someone wants to do that, he said he wanted to. so he's now representing himself. and acourting to an affiliate in detroit, shortly after given the right, abdulmallab says if i want to plead guilty to some of the counts, how can i do that? the judge says you'll have to ask standby counsel, what is normally appointed in aen case like thiwhen someone decides to represent themselves. judge appoints defense lawyers that can give that person legal adv
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of medical marijuana use, but this law would be a real change. pete williams joins me now. ere's a case for it and a against. abt's start with what proponent of this measure say about legalizing marijuana. >> first of all, they say it recognizes the fact that 400,000 people in california use it legally and more illegally and it would allow communities to tax the sales. make it legal, have up to an ounce. grow your home at home on a plot 25 square feet. they say it's tax revenues and would free up police to look at other areas. they say the drug war has basically failed. amg the supporters, the california naacp and some black law organizations who say that some african-americans have been arrested and jailed because of it and so mexican officials who say that if california legalized the sale, it would be a huge blow against the drug cartels in mexico. >> and on the flip side, i imagine there are some opposition. >> you mentioned t former heads of the dea, also, the obama administraon's drug czar is on record opposing it as are the czars of both the bush administration athnd clinton i ad
is theday you can turn them in. pete williams joins to us explain what this is all about. >>> and why health officials fear too many people won't be getting flu shots this area. >>> welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and'm jim handly. >> back behind bars. the judge sent lindsay lohan to jail today. she will remain long up until a hearing october 22nd. this is her third stint behind bars. related to a 3-year-old dui case. >>> iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad said today he would have no problem meeting with american hiker sarah shourd. whether that meeting will take place before he leaves nework is another question. ten days ago shourd s released from an iranian prison. she is hoping to convince mahmoud ahmadinejad to free her fiance and their friend. all three were arrested last summer and charged with espionage. >>> police in miami are looking for three suspec whollegedly strapped an explosive device to a bank teller. then forced the teller to steal cash for them. the suspects reportedly health the teller hostage for hours in his own home before taking him to the ban
for mayor of chicago, senior white house adviser pete rouse will be named as his successor. rouse served as president obama's chief of staff in the senate. white house correspondent is a savannah guthrie joins us now. what is the key impact by rahm leaving and being replaced by pete rouse? >> reporter: it's a real culture shift at the white house. rahm emanuel is a larger than life figure, somebody well known. this is going to be a real difference in style. piece rouse has been with president obama since back in his senate days. he's in old washington hand, been around forforever. he keeps a lower profile, not one of these guys you'll see out at washington parties. doesn't maintain close relationships with washington reporters. i would use the word a beloved figure inside the white house. he's something of a calm erin influence. i'm told by people who have worked with him over the years that he's somebody who has been very strategic and very smart about recruiting top talents. it's kind of a who's who of names in democratic circles. people he's recruited to work for him and anita dun bei
information. let's get the information from pete williams, our justice correspondent. >> well, this is an fbi sting. this is charges against two people, accusing them of giving information, thinking that they were going to help the government of venezuela develop a nuclear weapon, when in fact they were dealing with an fbi undercover agent. the charges are filed against pedro and his wife marjorie. he worked there from 1979 to 1998. his wived there from 1981 to 2010. a couple years ago they were approached by someone who reported to be a contact for the government of venezuela. and he was born in venezuela. he's a u.s. citizen now. but the government says that he agreed to and in fact did give a series of documents to this cut out, thinking this person was representing venezuela about how they could develop a nuclear weapon by reporting to this be enriching uranium for peaceful purposes, when in fact they would be able to develop plutonium to develop a nuclear weapon. the government stresses there's no allegation that the government of venezuela had anything to do with this. nonetheless, thes
. let's get more clarification from pete williams. obviously people are looking at judge's wording and what this may mean for other states. what can you tell us? >> well, this is another tactical victory for the people who are claiming that the obama health care plan violates the constitution by requiring all americans to buy health care, and if they don't do so to pay a tax penalty. so this is one of the big sets of cases. this was 20 states, as you noted. the obama administration was hoping the courts would throw them out and find out the states filing them have no legal standing to do so. this judge thinks the case can go forward. this follows a similar ruling. he says he'll not rule on this until october 14th. just a month ago a judge in virginia declined to throw out a lawsuit filed by that state, making similar claims that the obama health care plan requirement is unconstitutional. the judge wasn't clear about which parts. it's more than he wuntd clear. he just declined to say which parts of the case he would throw out. this case in florida makes two claims. the constitutiona
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